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Business Development Associate
Carpedia International is a tactical resource used by high performance organizations interested in step change performance improvement.  With no capital investment required and using only the assets already deployed, our teams are imbedded within an organization fulltime to get the job done on predetermined timelines and cost.
Since its start in 1994, Carpedia has conducted project work on five continents and has worked with some of the world’s leading companies in all industries including (but not limited to) financial services, manufacturing, logistics, insurance, retail and private equity.
We are currently looking to add a dynamic, adaptive and creative business development associate to our inside sales team on a full-time basis.

The Role

You will be responsible for prospecting new business and convincing key executives to meet with us.  This will come by way of cold calls, networking calls, mining our Leadership’s LinkedIn connections and any other creative method to obtain an audience with our desired prospects.

Initially, you will support one of our sales executives within an assigned territory, and will eventually transition to supporting the operations team as well as the sales team to support all sales activities within the business.  Additional opportunities for growth are available for our employees.

Day-to-day responsibilities

•    Make calls to C-suite Executives and key financial decision makers of organizations within your territory
•    Convince leaders of organizations to meet with us and set meetings for your Sales Executive
•    Develop an understanding of our product and be able to apply it to potential client business situations
•    Work with your Sales Executive and team to  ensure an effective and efficient schedule of meetings


Ideally, you should be comfortable with the use of excel, use of social media, specifically LinkedIn and Twitter and be proficient at doing google searches.  Proficiency with is also an asset.

You must have the ability to persuade others, be coachable and open to a new way of selling. It is important to understand that this job faces a lot of rejection and you must have the ability to overcome it.  This environment requires you to have a competitive attitude toward the role and also be able to support your teammates. Additional qualifications include:

•    You will need to have a strong ability to communicate via phone, email and in-person
•    Have strong interpersonal skills that will allow you to quickly develop trust with potential clients and convince them to meet with us
•    Be reliable and able to work with little supervision
•    Be assertive and self-motivated to attain results, in addition to a strong work ethic
•    A University degree is preferred for this position


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